CNN Benches Latino Contributor for Defending Trump

CNN has benched Latino contributor Steve Cortes because he supports President Trump and that is against CNN corporate policy.

He has been off the air for over six weeks and he may soon leave CNN so that he can once again be heard.

Cortes claims he has spoken to CNN employees who told him that he has been put to the side because CNN will not accept anything that varies from their propaganda that Trump is a racist.

Cortes furthered angered CNN brass when he showed a PragerU video revealing that the Charlottesville narrative is a lie and that was probably the final straw that broke the jacka**es back.

It is believed that Cortes met with Trump on Friday to discuss the situation at CNN.

From The Daily Wire

CNN has reportedly benched one of their Latino contributors because he supported President Donald Trump and he pushed back on the far-left network’s attempts to paint the president as being racist ahead of the 2020 election.

Steve Cortes, a prominent conservative and Trump campaign surrogate, has not been put on air by the network in over six weeks as the network shifts its coverage of the president from tying everything to “Russia” to trying to cast him as a racist ahead of the upcoming elections.

A source familiar with the matter told The Daily Wire that CNN’s Steve Cortes met with Trump on Friday at the White House to discuss the situation at CNN.

The source said that Trump, who is “extremely angry” over the matter, had asked Cortes to go to CNN two years ago to combat the network’s narrative, but, with the recent developments at the network, the president no longer sees value in Cortes staying there for the 2020 campaign.

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