CIA Believed Steele Dossier to Be ‘Internet Rumor,’ Still Included in IC Assessment Appendix

James Clapper and the CIA thought that the Steele dossier was nothing but an internet rumor. But even knowing that, Brennan decided to put it in the IC Assessment Appendix as if it were the gospel truth. The reason why is obvious. It was a coup against trump and anything that fed that narrative was a plus even if it wasn’t true.

Actually, there was much more to it than that. BuzzFeed had a copy of the dossier and they wanted to publish it but they needed to have a reason for doing so. By adding it to the appendix and then briefing President Trump on it, both Buzzfeed and CNN were able to run with the story.

Someone told me that if it were Hillary Clinton that Clapper and Brennan would have kept it from the press so the story would not be published. I told him not to be a fool. If it was about Hillary, no one would have to tell them not to publish it.

The report stated:

The [FBI] Supervisory Intel Analyst explained that the CIA believed that the Steele election reporting was not completely vetted and did not merit inclusion in the body of the report. The Intel Section Chief stated that the CIA viewed it as ‘internet rumor,’” and wanted to include the reporting in an appendix, not the body.

From Breitbart News

However, then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe wrote on December 28,  2016, to the then-ODNI principal deputy director objecting to the CIA’s proposal, to put it in the appendix.

McCabe told the inspector general that he wanted Steele’s reporting to be included in the ICA because President Obama had requested “everything you have relevant to this topic of Russian influence,” although not vetted, it was “consistent” with information from other sources and came from a source with a “good track record,” and that Trump needed to be advised because it had been widely circulated and was likely to leak into the public realm.

McCabe said he feared placing it in an appendix would “minimize” the information and prevent it from being properly considered. The CIA’s view won, and only included a short summary of Steele’s reporting in the appendix.

Steele’s reporting was later briefed to Trump — a briefing that served as the basis of a CNN report on the dossier. Shortly after, Buzzfeed published the dossier in full.