Chris Murphy On Ukraine Visit: ‘Zelensky Did Not Make Any Connection’ Between Aid And Investigation Requests

Sen Chris Murphy has admitted that when he talked to Ukrainian President Zelensky, he did not say anything about being pressured during his talk with President Trump.

His talk with Sen Murphy is a whole different matter. He told Zelensky that if he investigates crimes committed by the Bidens, Democrats in congress would pull their support from Ukraine. Now, that’s a threat. So, Trump made no threats and he must be impeached but Joe Biden and Chris Murphy threaten them and that’s okay?

It is in the Democratic Bizarro World. They are exercising their socialist privilege.

From The Daily Caller

Democratic Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky “did not make any connection” between the then-cut off U.S. military aid and investigative requests he was receiving from Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Murphy visited Zelensky earlier this month, reportedly telling the Ukrainian president that complying with requests to investigate the son of former Vice President Joe Biden could result in dwindling Democratic support for his country.

“So Senator Chris Murphy literally threatened the president of Ukraine that if he doesn’t do things right they won’t have Democrat support in Congress,” President Donald Trump said Wednesday in a clip played by the CNN host on Thursday night’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

“Senator Murphy, the idea that you literally threatened the president of Ukraine, how do you respond?” asked Cooper.

Accusing Trump of being “backed into a corner” and “making things up,” Murphy confirmed his meeting with Zelensky when he was in Ukraine with Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson.

However, the Democratic senator expressed his belief that Zelensky “did not make any connection between the aid that had been cut off and the requests that he was getting from Giuliani.”