CEO Steps Up and Drops Inside Info On Hillary

Despite pushing 70 rumors have been circling for some time now that Hillary Clinton will attempt another bid for President of The United States in the year 2020. Perhaps 3rd time’s a charm? Considering how most every poll projected has Clinton winning from every angle imaginable Robert Wolf, CEO of 32 Advisors has stated that Hillary Clinton will not make another run for the office.

“I think there will be 30 plus Democrats,” Wolf told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto on ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast’ Wednesday. “And there won’t be a Clinton ticket.”

Though her run seems unlikely, Wolf wouldn’t rule of the possibility of Joe Biden throwing his name in the hat. Having previously toyed with the idea early in 2016, Biden decided against running after the death of his son, Beau Biden. Recently, however, the former Vice President has been rather vocal about the entire ordeal and we may see an attempt from him.

“I would call it right now, 51-41 yes,” Wolf said, “But you know with the (former) vice president, he is till he isn’t, and he isn’t till he is.”

Though for the better part of 2017, many media outlets believed and speculated that she would, in fact, make another run at the office.

With some outlets, such as, stating the following:

“So why hasn’t the former First Lady gone gently into the night? Because she’s Hillary Clinton, of course. The last quarter century of her life — even longer, in fact — has been devoted to promoting her husband to the presidency and then herself, following closely in his footsteps. Most sober observers know that Fate or Karma intervened, and may have already had the last word — but not Hillary. She doesn’t blame her successive defeats on her stars but on earthly influences – the Russians, the FBI, Wikileaks, the media, sexism, and of course, a “vast right-wing conspiracy” that has haunted her and Bubba for decades.

Hillary’s grief over her recent loss is deep and palpable, friends say. But she’s already begun to re-group. She’s mulling her options, and even testing the waters. It may seem inconceivable to some, especially her political critics, but guess what: It’s entirely possible that Hillary Clinton will run for the presidency again.”

Regardless… I think, at worst, Clinton will try for Mayor of New York. But I do not believe, as Wolf as even now clarified, we will not see another run from the failed Presidential Candidate.