Central American “Undocumented” are Deporting Themselves in Large Numbers

Thanks to President Trump’s strategy of keeping asylum seekers in Mexico while they await their asylum hearing, many of these illegals are self deporting themselves back to their home countries.

Only 1 in 10 are found to be eligible for asylum and those who know they are not eligible would rather go home than to stay in Mexico for a year or longer and then be sent home anyway. When you stop and think about it, it’s amazing what this president has done, considering that he has to accomplish everything by himself.

He can’t even count on his own party for help.

From The Blaze

A report from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, shows that many Central Americans who arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border seeking asylum are giving up and going back to their home countries.

A reporter from the Texas Tribune asked how many of the Central American migrants at the migrant processing facility in Mexico were giving up on their asylum applications – nearly all of them indicated they were throwing in the towel.

The Tribune attributed the reversals from migrants to the policy of the Trump administration to make asylum-seekers stay in Mexico while their application was being processed.

One migrant told the Tribune that conditions in Mexico were actually more dangerous than those he left in Honduras because he didn’t know anyone in Mexico who would help him.

“We’re afraid and we want to go home, even though we’re scared to return to our country,” said Cristian Urquiza. “If Honduras is dangerous, Mexico is worse. It’s more dangerous.”

On Friday, the president announced that he had reached an agreementwith the government of Guatemala to help keep asylum-seekers in that country instead of taking the dangerous trek through Mexico towards the U.S. border.