Buzzfeed Writer Tries To Tie Tucker Carlson in Disgusting Scandal – Backfires Big Time

BuzzFeed News Chief Los Angeles Correspondent, Kate Aurthur tried to catch Tucker Carlson in a sex scandal but her laziness backfired on her. many years ago before the media joined the Democrat party, reporters would actually check their facts before putting them into print.

Facts no longer matter, only ideology does. Aurthur found a picture with an alleged sex worker kissing Carlson on the cheek. And without any background or facts, she posted it as a scandal.

The picture was taken by Mitchell Sunderland and here is the scoop on that picture:

Once the truth came out, what did Aurthur do? She doubled down:

This is exactly why we need new slander and libel laws for the press. The press is supposed to free not free to lie.

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