BREAKING: Ukraine Widens Criminal Investigation Into Biden-Connected Burisma, Report Says

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka announced on Wednesday that the country was expanding its criminal investigation into Burisma Holdings And it’s owner  Mykola Zlochevsky. Ryaboshapka is reviewing previously dropped investigations in which bribery has been suspected. That involves 13 separate cases.

He is also looking into money laundering, part of the money is said to be the funding for Hunter Biden’s $83,333 a month salary as a board member and consultant to the company. Zlochevsky is suspected of stealing $33 million dollars from the Ukrainian Central bank by using his government position to embezzle the funds.

Ryaboshapka says that it is suspected that  Zlochevsky had stolen government funds on a grand scale and that he laundered much of the money. Burisma hired Hunter Biden in the same month that Great Britain froze all accounts owned by  Zlochevsky because they believed that the cash had been laundered through the accounts. It is becoming increasing apparent that Burisma hired Biden inn an effort to buy influence Why would you pay a huge salary to a drug addict with no experience in the Ukraine or in the energy field to be a consultant?

From The Daily Wire

“After he took office in late August, Ryaboshapka launched a wide-ranging audit of criminal cases to see whether they had been conducted properly,” Reuters reported. “Thirteen of them relate to Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky, Ryaboshapka told reporters at a briefing on Wednesday.”

“Ryaboshapka’s predecessors oversaw a series of investigations into Zlochevsky, a multimillionaire former minister of ecology and natural resources,” Reuters continued. “The allegations concern tax violations, money-laundering and licences given to Burisma during the period where Zlochevsky was a minister.”

Kostiantyn Kulyk, a Ukrainian prosecutor that has investigated Burisma, allegedly suspected in a leaked document that Zlochevsky committed a series of offenses, “including using his official position to embezzle 800 million hryvnias ($33 million) of money belonging to the central bank.”

Ryaboshapka said the Ukraine government suspected Zlochevsky was involved in the “theft of government funds on an especially large scale.”