BREAKING: Bob Goodlatte Subpoenas Peter Strzok in Open Hearing

Peter Strzok who snickered and grinned in the closed-door meeting will now get to see how his act plays out with millions of people watching him. Rep Bob Goodlatte has subpoenaed him to testify in an open hearing with the TV cameras rolling.

He has been scheduled for Tuesday. His lawyer has been spouting off about how unfair Republicans have been to his clean as a whistle client, now he has the chance to show them up. Just kidding. We all know better than that don’t we?

From The Hill

Two powerful House committees issued a subpoena for FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok to testify publicly at a joint hearing slated for next week.

It was not immediately clear whether Strzok will comply with the order issued by the Judiciary Committee and the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The committees issued their subpoena for 10 a.m. on July 10.

In a letter to the Judiciary panel earlier this week, Strzok’s lawyer accused the committee of selectively leaking portions of a closed-door interview Strzok provided last week and called the standing invitation to testify publicly a “trap.”

“Having sharpened their knives behind closed doors, the committee would now like to drag back Special Agent Strzok and have him testify in public — a request that we originally made and the committee denied,” Aitan Goelman said, according to CNN. “What’s being asked of Special Agent Strzok is to participate in what anyone can recognize as a trap.”

I wonder if this is the excuse they are going to use to keep Strzok from answering questions. It could well be because the lawyer’s statement sounds more like he was laying a foundation rather than his client. Not that he shouldn’t worry about his client. Once the 302’s are released by the DOJ, Strzok could have more to worry about than just his job.

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