BOMBSHELL REPORT: McCabe Hid and Destroyed THIS Evidence

In what can only be described as a bombshell report, Andrew McCabe, disgraced former Deputy of the FBI stands accused of altering the 302 report produced by Peter Strzok on his interview of Gen Michael Flynn.

He then destroyed the evidence which would have shown the revision. That, my friend, is obstruction of justice. Journalist Mike Cernovich has laid out the finding that will be included in the IG report.

This explains a lot. It made no sense that Wray would fire McCabe only on the basis of the FISA memo but if this report is accurate and there is no reason to believe it’s not, keeping in his job one more day would have been intolerable. Altering evidence and then trying to cover it up by deleting all the history of revisions are serious crimes and could lead to dozens of others to sue, claiming their information was altered too. That would quickly become a real mess.

Plus, you don’t want him to remain in his office, where he could destroy other evidence of his crimes.

This would also explain why James Comey told Congress that Flynn did not lie to the FBI and then Flynn was indicted on charges of lying to the FBI, because the interview report was altered to manufacture a crime.

It also would explain why the new judge in the Flynn case Judge Emmet Sullivan took the extremely unusual step of requiring the government to produce large-scale discovery to Flynn’s lawyers. Judge Sullivan is an expert on government corruption. he could have been made away of McCabe’s alleged actions. In any case, look for Flynn to ask for his guilty plea to be thrown out and for Judge Sullivan to approve it.

“Huge scoop. Like my other big stories (Susan Rice, security clearances, Conyers) will take media a long time to confirm.
You know how Peter Strzok’s system didn’t back up.
You know why?
McCabe altered his 302 of the Flynn interview, and deleted all history of revisions.”

“The FBI cannot provide a *clean* history of revisions for the 302 interview with General Flynn.

That’s why Judge Emmett Sullivan, who is very tough on unethical prosecutors, had ordered the Special Counsel to disclose exculpatory evidence, which would include these revisions.”

“The IG knows McCabe changed Peter Strzok 302 / notes with General Flynn.
Yet issuing a report to this effect would call thousands of FBI investigations into question.
It’s full on freak-out mode, as no one know how to spin this.”

“Why did a federal judge order Muller to disclose exculpatory evidence AFTER Flynn pled guilty?
Do you know how unusual this is? Flynn waived the right to exculpatory evidence in his plea deal.
That’s because the 302 was altered, and everyone knows it.”

“Who is Judge Emmett Sullivan?
*This* is Judge Sullivan:
“A federal judge took the extraordinary step of naming a special prosecutor to investigate whether the government lawyers should themselves be prosecuted for criminal wrongdoing.” link

“The 500-page report by investigator Henry F. Schuelke III shook the legal community, as law professors described it as a milestone in the history of prosecutorial misconduct.” LINK

h/t The Gateway Pundit