BOMBSHELL: Man Who Gave Papadopoulos 10k Allegedly Works for FBI/DOJ!

How many fricking spies did they sick on minor campaign worker, George Papadopoulos? We heard the other day Papadopoulos received ten thousand dollars from someone he thought might be a spy.

So he turned it over to a lawyer in Greece. In his lifetime, he may never do anything smarter. He was arrested the moment he landed in the United States, but of course, he didn’t have the money on him and that was good. Because otherwise, he would have gone straight to jail. Also, it had to be a setup, because how would the FBI and DOJ know about the money if they didn’t supply it?

But that’s not all. The man who paid the money goes by the name of Charles Tawil. On his LinkedIn page, it shows he is a consultant for Gestomar. No such company exists anywhere in the world.

We’re still not done…

From The Gateway Pundit

Charles Tawil, the guy who reached out to Papadopoulos in Greece; and who ultimately gave Papadopoulos $10,000 in cash; was a previous intelligence asset of the CIA and FBI.  SEE WIKILEAKS Cables (circa 2006): Paragraph #8, note:

“These undisclosed sources told Zuma that American citizens (not connected with the U.S. Government) were involved. This in part, coincides with another Embassy contact, Charles Tawil (protect), who told our Economic Counselor on November 29 that Zuma had received information from the mother of the King of Swaziland about CIA attempts to kill Zuma using poisoned clothes from the FBI” (link)

Who was the FBI Director in 2006?  Why, Robert Mueller of course.

The $10k payment to Papadopoulos was almost guaranteed to be a sting operation; a set-up.

Federal agents were waiting for Papadopoulos at the airport upon his arrival and re-entry into the U.S.  If Mr. Papadopoulos had carried that $10k into the U.S. without declaring a U.S. treasury filing, the FBI/DOJ would have nailed him on a treasury violation.

Bringing $10,000 (or more) cash into the U.S., without reporting, is major trouble; add into that aspect the likelihood the set-up included use of an intelligence asset, and the issue can be compounded into laundering money.  That’s just the type of leverage Robert Mueller was looking for.

At least three other spies contacted Papadopoulos. They must have thought he’d be a soft touch, but he fooled them.

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