Blue Wave Fizzles as Republicans Win Big in Blue Districts

You may already be aware that Pete Flores won a special election in Texas and became the first Republican to hold that seat in 139 years. But are you aware of what is happening in deep blue District 29 that Hillary won by 20 points. Donna Shalala is running for the seat and has 2 million dollars to the Republican candidate’s 600k.

Despite having all of the advantages, Shalala is behind in the polls by 9 points. If the Democrats are in trouble in districts they should win easily, what will happen in districts where the vote is tight? The blue wave doesn’t look like it’s going to reach shore. The Democrats were looking to win 6 or the 7 seats in California, necessary to take control of the House. It now looks like they could win just one.

From The Gateway Pundit

District 27 has been represented by Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who previously held District 18 before the 27th district was created. Ros-Lehtinen is retiring. The democrats hold a registration edge in the district. Hillary won the district by 20 points over Trump in 2016. 71% of the voters are Hispanic. And it’s square in the middle of the metropolitan area of Miami.

District 27 was in the crosshairs for the DNC, who figured they would surely pick up the seat.

Ordinarily, a candidate with the background of Shalala, who was Secretary Of Health & Human Services under President Clinton, would be a shoe-in under these circumstances. She was even the designated survivor for Clinton’s 1996 State Of The Union address.

Things are not going the way the media is telling us it is going. Can you say 2016, when on election day, Hillary had a 92% chance of winning the presidency?

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