Bill de Blasios’ Chief of Staff Quit… Sexual Harassment Covered Up

One thing Democrats seem to be good at is hiding their members who have a long history of sexual harassment.

The former chief of staff for de Blasio, Kevin O’Brien, resigned in 2018 after two women accused him of sexual harassment. Mayor de Blasio says that he didn’t know that O’Brien had been fired from his previous job as the senior adviser at the Democratic Governors Association for sexual harassment.

The mayor says he was never told.

But he has nothing to complain about since O’Brien went to a consulting firm and de Blasio never warned them. O’Brien was fired from that job for sexual harassment. The Democrats protect their own.

From The Daily Caller

Former de Blasio staffer Kevin O’Brien’s path from senior adviser at the Democratic Governors Association to de Blasio’s senior staff to a consulting group (which has since fired him) illustrates one thing: none of his high-powered bosses ever passed along the concerning reason why he had been terminated. Instead, they passed him along, including to a position as Democrat de Blasio’s acting chief of staff that paid $220,652 a year, reported The Times.

De Blasio spokesman Eric F. Phillips told The Times the mayor did not know why O’Brien, 36,was fired from the governors association in 2015 until Monday night as a result of reporting by The Times.

“The misconduct in this case literally makes me sick to my stomach,” Mr. de Blasio said at a Jan. 17 news conference after accusations against O’Brien went public, according to The Times.

So, what do you think? Are Democrats hypocrites when it comes to sexual harassment? #MeToo.