Biden Says America Can’t Stand 8 More Years of President Trump

Joe Biden’s Alzheimer’s is kicking in again. At Wednesday night’s debate, he said that the country can’t survive 8 more years of Trump. I guess he doesn’t remember that presidential terms are four years and not six.

The good news is Joe is now capable of throwing a surprise party for himself. If you remember during Obama’s reelection campaign, Biden kept forgetting what city he was in. It was truly pathetic.

Overall, he looked terrible in the debate and sooner or later, the DNC will begin to wonder if Cory Booker and Kamala Harris could make Biden look so bad, considering how bad they were, what would trump do to him. The Democrats may begin to look for a dark horse candidate to rescue them.

From The Daily Caller

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday night that America cannot take eight more years of the Trump administration.

Biden accidentally doubled the time President Donald Trump can remain in the White House in his closing remarks as he urged Americans to vote the president out of office.

“This most consequential election anyone of you has ever participated in,” Biden told viewers across the nation. “Four more years of Donald Trump will go down as an aberration. Hard to over come the damage he’s done. We can over come it.”

Eight more years of Trump will change America in a fundamental the America we know will no longer exist,” the former vice president added. 

Biden urged Americans to choose science over fiction, saying that while everyone knows who Donald Trump is, “we have to let him know who we are.”

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