Arab Sheikh Tried To Force American Security To Murder Two People

Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani,  is the brother of the ruler of Qatar, a state sponsor of terrorism.

He is being sued in the United States.

He ordered his American security to kill two men and he held a paramedic against his will and he had to jump off an 18-foot wall to escape.

Matthew Pittard, a Florida man is the security man who refused to kill a man and a woman at al Thani’s request.

Matthew Allende, a California man is the paramedic who was held against his will.

Both are suing the sheikh.

From The Daily Caller

Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the brother of the ruler of the oil-rich nation of Qatar, is the target of the lawsuit, which was filed July 23 in a Florida federal court and has not been previously reported.

The security guard is Matthew Pittard, a Florida man. The medic is Matthew Allende, a California man. Both worked for Khalid in Beverly Hills and also traveled with him regularly to Qatar and London.

“During his employment, Pittard was solicited by Defendant Khalid for the murder of two individuals. In approximately late September of 2017 and November of 2017, in Los Angeles, California, Defendant Khalid asked Pittard to murder a male and a female who Defendant Khalid viewed as threats to his social reputation and personal security. Pittard refused to execute these unlawful requests,” the suit says.

“From approximately July 7-10, 2018, Defendant Khalid and his private Qatari security staff held an American citizen against the American citizen’s will on at least two occasions in one of Defendant Khalid’s personal residences,” the suit continues. “At Defendant Khalid’s request, the American citizen was arrested and jailed at the Onaiza Police Station in Doha, Qatar. Pittard and the United States Embassy came to the aide of the American citizen, and helped the American citizen reach a point of safety, and eventually safely depart from the country.”

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