AOC’s Drinking From Toilet Story Falls Apart

AOC screamed at Border Patrol agents and accused them of forcing women in detention to drink from the toilet. Her story is falling apart so quicker than the Flash can run the 100-yard dash.

One of the Border Patrol agents that was at the El Paso detention center says AOC got the story all wrong and that she never witnessed a thing as she claimed she had. What really happened is a woman didn’t know how to use the sink for water and so she drank from the toilet but the sink was in perfect working order.

The illegal couldn’t use a faucet. Must be from socialist Venezuela.

From The Daily Caller

It is not clear if Ocasio-Cortez personally witnessed individuals drinking from water, or if one or multiple women told her they were directed to drink water from a toilet. Her office has not responded to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

The first-term lawmaker also said she felt threatened and was disrespected by CBP officers when she visited the migrant detention center. However, agents said she was the one behaving in a threatening manner, screaming at officers who were nearby.

“I can tell you with the utmost confidence that the migrants — anyone and everyone in our custody at all of our facilities — have ready access to fresh water,” CBP Deputy Commissioner Robert Perez said to Fox News Tuesday. “I’ve never heard, in 26 years of being in this business, ever heard of that type of allegation being made.”

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