AOC Challenged to a Debate on Global Warming…She Won’t Show

AOC has made global warming her main theme and codified it in her Green New Deal. This prompted a group of skeptics to challenge her to attend a debate on global warming. AOC may be uneducated but she is not stupid.

It’s one thing to give people the impression that you are clueless, but proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt is something else. Retired statistics professor Dr. Caleb Rossiter offered a standing invitation to AOC to debate global warming and energy policy.

I’m sure he did this with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, knowing there is no way she would attend such a debate.

From The Daily Caller

Taking a page from his early anti-war activism days, Rossiter put a piece of paper with Ocasio-Cortez’s name, and the names of other “alarmists,” on an empty chair next to panelists during a Friday panel at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Rossiter said anti-war activists would have empty chairs at events reserved for Defense Department officials who, though invited, would never show up.

Ocasio-Cortez and Maine Democratic Rep. Chellie Pingree recently went after big tech companies for sponsoring an event at LibertyCon, a conference put on by a libertarian student group, at which the CO2 Coalition also sponsored an event.

Ocasio-Cortez and Pingree said tech companies’ “implicit” support for the CO2 Coalition was “dangerous to our society” because it allegedly spread misinformation about climate science. However, NASA attributes much of the observed “global greening” in the past 30 years to elevated CO2 levels.

Rossiter, who serves as the CO2 Coalition’s executive director, said the Democratic lawmakers’ intimidating letters inspired him to offer an open invitation to CO2 Coalition events.

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