Antifa Fascists Attack Man With A Bike Lock… AGAIN!

Like the cowards Antifa tends to be, they went into ambush mode and attacked people who were alone. One man was hit over the head with a bike lock and his heads was split open.

He entered a nearby pub and was helped. The police and ambulance answered the call quickly and he was taken to the hospital for treatment. Antifa needs to be designated as a terrorist organization and they need to be locked up the moment they raise their fascist heads. They claim to be fighting fascists and Nazis but they are the ones using the tactics of those two groups. Funny how they never show up in states where you can carry a gun.

From The Gateway Pundit

“Everyone was enjoying themselves and having a drink at a pub when we noticed a guy walk through the crowd outside covered in blood,” Nash told the Gateway Pundit. “He told us that he had been assaulted with a bike lock by some Antifa guys and was then rushed into the back of the pub where his wounds were covered up. An ambulance and the police came pretty fast and he was taken away to the hospital.”

Nash told Gateway Pundit that Antifa members had been hiding around Whitehall near the pubs “waiting for people to be on their own for a moment.”

“Then they would strike and be gone before you’d realize,” Nash added.

The victim, who has not yet been publicly identified, was wearing a hat, though Nash cannot remember if it was political.

“At a pub, ANTIFA just bike-locked a guy’s head. His head is dripping with blood. This is how they treat peaceful people just trying to have a drink”

The attack in London is just the latest violence caused by Antifa. I’d like to see them pick a fair fight. They wouldn’t last 5 seconds. In fact, it would probably do well as a Pay Per View event.

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