Anti-American ICE Protesters Fly Mexican Flag and Defaces American Flag…Kick Them Out

The last thing we want in this country is illegal aliens who hate us and they should be removed immediately and if Mexico is so great, why did they come here?

This outrage occurred at a  GEO contractor-run ICE detention facility in Aurora, Colorado. There was a third flag, which was not identified. These are the type of people the Democrats are giving all their support to. But, it’s understandable since the illegals and the Democrats share the strong hatred of America and what it stands for.


From The Gateway Pundit

Protesters took down the U.S. flag, the Colorado and GEO flags and replaced them with a Mexican flag, a defaced upside down U.S. flag and a third flag of unknown description at a GEO contractor-run ICE detention facility in Aurora, Colorado Friday.

ICE photo of standard flag display at the GEO Aurora detention center.

Numerous photos were posted online of the flags.


Someone sent the Mexican flag flying over the Aurora ICE facility here in Colorado… #priceless#CloseTheCamps

— Jenna McKellips (@JennaMckellips) July 13, 2019