Andrew McCabe Sues the DOJ and FBI to Get His Job Back… For One Day

Andrew McCabe is suing the DOJ and FBI to get his job back so that he can add a day or two to his service that would make him eligible for the full pension that he lost when he was fired just before he could have retired on a full pension.

His lawyers plan to make the case that he was fired political reasons and not for leaking classified information or lying to investigators on multiple occasions.

Maybe he hopes to get as lucky as Strzok, who is also suing.

It turns out the most corrupt FBI agent in history drew the most corrupt judge in history Amy Berman.

From The Gateway Pundit       

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is now suing the FBI and DOJ over his firing.

McCabe’s counsel is asking a court to find his termination was a “legal nullity” and to let him basically retire as he had planned.

“It was Trump’s unconstitutional plan and scheme to discredit and remove DOJ and FBI employees who were deemed to be his partisan opponents because they were not politically loyal to him,” the complaint alleges.

Then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired Andrew McCabe in March of 2018 just hours before his 50th birthday when his full pension would have kicked in.

In April of 2018, the DOJ’s Inspector General eviscerated the FBI official in a report.

DOJ IG Horowitz said that McCabe ‘lacked candor’ (lied) several times, including under oath.

McCabe’s lawsuit against the Trump Administration comes just one day after former FBI counterintelligence chief Peter Strzok filed a similar suit over his firing.

Just like Peter Strzok, McCabe was involved in the attempted coup to remove President Trump from office.

According to text messages exchanged between Peter Strzok and his paramour FBI lawyer Lisa Page, the two discussed an “insurance policy” in McCabe’s office should Trump win the 2016 election.

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