Alaska Democrat Sues State After Losing Recount by Just One Vote

Republican Bart LeBon defeated Democrat Kathryn Dodge by a single vote in a recent recount, but Dodge is challenging the result.

The recount itself is a done deal, but now, the Democratic candidate,  Kathryn Dodge, has filed paperwork with the Alaska Supreme Court, to allow two votes that were refused to be counted to give her the victory. I guess the Democrats in Alaska allowed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to count the votes to see how many needed to be manufactured and she flubbed it like everything else she does.

It is now up to the Alaskan Supreme Court to decide the race.

From Fox News

“This race has gone back and forth, favoring me and my opponent at one time or another during a lengthy process,” Dodge said in a statement. “I believe that it is important to follow the process through so that absolutely no doubt remains about this incredibly close result.”

“After careful consideration & consultation with my legal team, I have decided to appeal the recount results based on decisions concerning several ballots made by the Div. of Elections with which we did not agree,” Dodge added.

State Elections Director Josie Bahnke said the ballot picked up by Dodge during the recount was marked by a highlighter and not read by a machine.

LeBon received a vote that was initially rejected. Election officials later determined the voter who cast the ballot lived in the district. He picked up another when officials determined the voter was eligible to vote.

With LeBon, House Republicans will have 21 members, enough to control the 40-member chamber. The party will also control the Senate and governor’s office.

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