Activist Judge Bars New Hampshire From Asking For Proof of Residency

An activist judge has issued an order barring new Hampshire from asking for proof of residency. This is a huge deal. New Hampshire has very few voters and a long history of having busloads of people brought in from Massachusetts to vote. That probably cost Trump New Hampshire in 2016.

Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Brown issued a temporary injunction Monday , which means that unless they successfully appeal to a higher court, no proof will be needed to vote. A few years ago, Project Veritas sent investigators to New Hampshire and found out it was easy to get a ballot for someone who is dead.

From The Blaze

Brown cited in his decision that the law would cause lengthy lines at polling places and that would make it more difficult for some groups, including students and the disabled, to vote.

“Where the law threatens to disenfranchise an individual’s right to vote, the only viable remedy is to enjoin its enforcement. Plaintiffs motion for preliminary injunction is granted,” Brown wrote in his decision.

The League of Women Voters and New Hampshire Democratic Party opposed the law, claiming it was an unnecessary obstacle for those wanting to exercise their right to vote.

But SB 3 supporters said it was necessary to help deter voter fraud.

“As with voter fraud, improving confidence in New Hampshire’s election system is not a significant state interest that justifies placing increased burdens on voters,” Brown wrote. “Moreover, there is no evidence that SB 3 even accomplishes its stated goal in this regard. The state presented no evidence that the new domicile affidavit has had any impact on the public’s perception of the election process.”

The injunction places the bill on hold until a full-scale trial is completed.

That means two weeks before the election, New Hampshire is told they can’t enforce their constitutionally passed law for this election. Hello, voter fraud.

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