“A Despicable Human Being!” Trump Responds to Tlaib, Dem Threats of Detaining White House Officials Who Don’t Testify

President Trump has responded to Rashida Tlaib and her revelation that Democrats are looking for ways to take Trump officials that don’t testify into custody.

Trump called her a despicable human being. Tlaib has never met a terrorist she didn’t like and often meets with and fundraises for them. Earlier this year, she applied for a compassion visa so she could visit her grandmother.

She received permission as long as she didn’t use the trip to bash Israel. Tlaib decided she didn’t want to visit her 92-year-old granny if she couldn’t bad mouth the Jews.

From The Gateway Pundit

As reported previously reported by TGP’s Joe Curl, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who has called President Trump a “motherf*cker,” said last week that Democrats are trying to figure out how to arrest Trump officials.

“This is the first time we’ve ever had a situation like this,” the Michigan Democrat said during a “Congress, Coffee, and Conversation” event with constituents. She said Democratic lawmakers are trying to figure out how to take Cabinet members into custody.

“So they’re trying to figure out, no joke, they’re trying to figure out, well, is it the D.C. police that goes and gets them? We don’t know. Where do we hold them?”

Dan Scavino called the attempts a “COUP!”


Pelosi previously joked about jailing Trump and his officials while speaking at a Washington Post Live event.

“We do have a little jail down in the basement of the Capitol,” Pelosi said to audience laughter.

“But if we were arresting all of the people in the administration, we would have overcrowded jail situation and I’m not for that,” Pelosi said.

In contrast, when Republicans had the majority and Paul Ryan was House Speaker, nothing was done about Deep Staters and Democrats who refused to comply with subpoenas.

On Saturday President Trump ripped the failed former Speaker.

President Trump: We have great, great relationships with the people in the Rupublican Party. But they don’t fight dirty. As an example with subpoenas. You take a look at Paul Ryan when he was Speaker. He wouldn’t give em! I’m not even knocking him for that. He wouldn’t give em. He thought it was inappropriate. Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, all of the guys wanted, Gaetz, all of them. Matt Gaetz. I could name 25 people. These are incredible people. They wanted subpoenas to investigate all of the corruption that they found. Horrible, horrible corruption. Paul Ryan would say, “Well, wait a minute, slow down. Let’s come back next week.” They would come back, they wouldn’t get it. She hands them out like they’re cookies!

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