17 Registered Voters In A Single Mobile Home?

It always seems like it’s Democrats who commit voter fraud, but in Alaska, apparently it was committed by a Republican, who caucuses with the Democrats. Incumbent Gabrielle LeDoux leads challenger Aaron Weaver by 113 votes after Tuesday’s election.

But, they have found that 26 voters were registered in two trailers in a mobile home park. Another two voters say they never voted but records show they voted. There are other discrepancies, too. So, the election for the state legislature looks to be investigated before a winner can be announced. LeDoux says she brought in Charlie Chang for $10,000 to help with the Chinese voters. He appears to be behind the voter fraud. Even though he is a Californian, he registered to vote and voted in Alaska.

From The Daily Caller

The irregularities in voter registrations appear to trace back to a single man, Charlie Chang. LeDoux “reportedly flew Chang up from California and paid him $10,000 to help get out the vote in the Hmong community in her district” in July, according to campaign finance reports cited by KTVA.

“I hired him for a number of elections, for several elections, and I have no reason to think that he’s done anything wrong,” LeDoux told Anchorage Daily News.

Chang himself is registered to vote with an address in a mobile home in the Hmong neighborhood although other documentation states he lives in California, reported KTVA.

State attorney Margaret Paton-Walsh admitted there was evidence of voter fraud Monday, reported Alaska Public Media. Elections results are set to be certified Saturday.

The amazing thing is that her opponent spent no money or spent time campaigning and he may end up with the seat or they could redo the vote.

From Anchorage Daily News:

Among the absentee voters who gave the trailer park as their address is Charlie J. Chang, a man hired by LeDoux to recruit voters among “various ethnic communities” in her East Anchorage district. Chang lives in California, not Muldoon, said a man living at the address that Chang listed on elections forms.

A Republican who has been under fire from her party since joining a Democrat-led House majority in 2016, LeDoux said that as far as she knows her campaign did nothing wrong. She says she was not directly involved with outreach among Hmong voters, many of whom she described as living in the Rangeview Mobile Home Park.

With the state Republican party chairman calling for a criminal investigation, a Daily News review of turnout and registration records across the city show a number of unusual trends in House District 15.

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