Weather Channel Reporter Respects Our Flag Amid Hurricane Harvey

Paul Goodloe, a Weather Channel meteorologist, was out covering the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, Texas when, while on live television, he saw an American flag had fallen and was caught in some debris.

There, with the storm still being felt, Goodlow and his team took the flag, folded it, and kept it with them.

He said “I can’t let old glory just sit here like that”. Good for you, sir!

While it may not be a media outlet like CNN, Fox News, or The Washington Post this move comes at a time where we’re seeing an incredible, American-hating, left-leaning bias in our media. No matter his political views I commend Mr Paul Goodloe for this action and though it may seem like a simple one that many of us may do… just keep in mind that clearly this flag meant something to him. That he couldn’t “let old glory just sit” there. D*mn near brings a tear to my eye, folks.

I remember learning during my school years that all the students had the responsibility of raising, lowering and folding our flag. Wonder if schools do that anymore?

And I know it seems trivial in comparison but those NFL fellas could learn a thing or two from Goodloe and The Weather Channel.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock… the Texas coast is currently being hit rather hard by Hurricane Harvey (at least the time of writing this). It’s even being reported by some outlets that the rain fall is over 60,000 gallons a second… enough to fill an Olympic size pool in seconds! So far there are giver confirmed dead and thousands still waiting on a rescue.

Pray for Texas, folks…

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