Vladimir Putin Humiliated Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenberg set up President Trump trying to make the summit between Trump and Putin a failure. Instead, Putin turned the tables and totally humiliated Robert Mueller. Just a couple of days before the summit, Rosenstein and Mueller announced indictments against 12 Russians. They thought that was a safe thing to do since none of them would ever see the inside of a courtroom. The dirty cops’ move was designed to be used as propaganda that their witch hunt was not a witch hunt. That’s when Putin decided to eat their lunch and he made two offers to Robert Mueller.

Putin invited Mueller and some of his team to Russia to interrogate the 12 men. Then Putin took it a step further and reminded Mueller that the US and Russia have an extradition treaty and he could have the 12 men sent to the US to meet with Mueller and face the charges. To no one’s surprise, Mueller has decided to do neither one. I don’t blame him after what happened with the first 16 indictments of Russians. One of the companies they named didn’t even exist until after the time frame in which they allegedly committed crimes. Another company has aggressively answered the bogus charges against them. Therefore setting Mueller into full panic mode because he had no evidence against them.

Then Putin hit Mueller with the knockout blow, suggesting that the US intelligence agents had helped Bill Browder funnel 1.5 billion dollars out of Russia, with 400 million being rerouted to the Hillary campaign. He asked for Mueller’s help in investigating the matter. That put Mueller on the defensive. It will be interesting to see if Mueller wraps up the collusion in the investigation in order to keep from being forced to support a case against the 12 Russians.

They thought they had Trump but ended up with egg on their faces.