Texas Man Puts CNN Reporter In His Place Over Treatment Of His Town

My guess is Joe Kirchens, the Rockport resident being interviewed below by CNN, has been witness to some pretty terrible things by reporters coming to the scene to speak on the before and after effects of Hurricane Harvey. The media surely played a role in getting key information about the the storms and the hurricane out to the public but Kirchens has some choice words for the reporters coming to his town.

“I didn’t care to be on TV, but I just want to tell all y’all reporters and the people here, when you’re here, act like this is y’all’s home,” Joe Kirchens, a Rockport resident, said. “You know, have the respect to report like this is y’all’s…you know, this place is gone so we need help.”

Kirchens was in evacuation mode when conducting the interview and stated he only had enough time to get his home boarded up… luckily his home survived despite being in the “disaster zone.”

“All I have to say is y’all guys treat this like this is y’all’s place cause I’ve seen the reporting in some of these places and some of the guys have the respect …just treat it like it’s y’all’s place,” Kirchens reiterated.

While only slightly related this should be an eye opener for liberal media outlets like CNN. This everyday guy said his peace and that was that. He knows why the media really wants out there… ratings and he didn’t want them muffing up his town for just a story.

We here at Steadfast and Loyal want the people are Texas to know that our prayers and our thoughts are with you. I’ve personally already began looking for a charity I can work with to do whatever I can, at least from where I am, to hopefully provide some relief for the victims. I hope you folks are all doing the same. God bless.

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