Roy Moore’s Victory Over Luther Strange Leads to a More Important Revelation [Video]

Rush Limbaugh believes Roy Moore’s win over Luther Strange, President Trump’s pick, via RINO Mitch McConnell, in the Republican Senate primary for Alabama, was the power of “Trumpism”. This was not a smack at Trump. It was 100% a smackdown of Mitch McConnell and the GOP Elite.

“The voters were consistent here. They [media] are saying that Trump’s influence is over. No. No. No. What it means is — Trumpism is bigger than Trump,” Limbaugh said on his radio show. “The people in Alabama saw Trump endorse the wrong guy… they are invested in Trump. They are more so invested in Trumpism. Without Trump, there isn’t any Trumpism.”

“This vote had nothing to do with Trump’s endorsement and had everything to do with the voters of Alabama realizing what is necessary to give Donald Trump the tools that he needs in the House and in the Senate to move his agenda forward.”

“He endorsed the loser because at the time it happened, he was trying to buy appeasement with Mitch. Trump frustrated in trying to get his agenda done in Washington. He thought he would try appeasing Mitch McConnell. I knew it wasn’t going to work,” he said on his radio program. “But what the drive-bys are missing here is that the voters of Alabama knew exactly what was at stake here and sent an insider packing.”


Now, I gotta come clean about something here. I have had people — pestering is the wrong word. I have had people in the email asking me for the past number of weeks, “Why aren’t you talking about Alabama? Why aren’t you weighing in? It’s very important.” I only use a voice like that to distinguish it from my own. I’m not trying to suggest that people complaining to me sound dumb or any other way. I’m just trying to distinguish the voice of those who are speaking to me from me.

And there’s a reason, folks. I did not say a word about this because I wanted to get a clean result of this. I didn’t want anybody to be able to say that what happened was because I urged people to do one thing or the other. You know as well as I do that the Drive-Bys are eager to attach your motivations and your actions to my suggestions.

Now, I know there were all kinds of other people out there advocating for one candidate or another, and that’s fine. But I purposely didn’t, almost as an experiment here, because, in my mind, I wanted what I view anyway as a clean result. Now, it’s obvious, and I’m not an idiot, that a clean result may not be actually ascertainable here because there were a lot of other people on radio and TV who were advocating one way or the other in this race, predominantly one way.

But at least for me I can come here today and tell you that whatever happened had nothing to do with anything specific I said. I mean, I realize, folks, I’m a powerful, influential member of the media, and whatever these results are, I didn’t want any of it, not tainted, but affected by any suggestion that voters in Alabama were not exercising their own decisions. ‘Cause you know how the media treats talk radio and conservative media. The audience is a bunch of mind-numbed robots, doesn’t know anything and they learn to do what people on TV and radio tell ’em to do. So I stayed out of this.

I also knew what was gonna happen. I knew why Trump endorsed the loser. I know why Trump endorsed the loser from the get-go. I did tell you that. He endorsed the loser because at the time it happened he was trying to buy appeasement with Mitch. Trump frustrated, can’t get his agenda done in Washington, thought he would try appeasing Mitch McConnell. I knew it wasn’t gonna work.

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