Princeton Prof Stephen Cohen Totally Puts NeverTrumper Max Boot In His Place

Max Boot, a NeverTrumper, was on CNN. Boot called Princeton Professor, Stephen Cohen, a Russian sympathizer because he refuses to advocate war with Russia. Whereas Cohen has specialized in Russia for 45 years.

Rather Boot has never studied Russia. Furthermore, Boot criticized President Trump for not attacking Vladimir Putin. Russia is the only country that has more nuclear weapons than the United States. The funny thing is critics like Boot criticized Trump’s tough stance on North Korea. Whom we could destroy in hours and then criticized him for not starting WWIII with Russia. Of course, the real facts are Democrats and NeverTrumpers are against anything Trump does. Certainly, even when it is something they have wanted for years.

Here is an excerpt from the show:

Stephen Cohen: I have no idea what is talking about. He wants Trump to threaten Russia? Why would we threaten Russia?

Max Boot: (hysterically) Because they’re attacking us!

Stephen Cohen: I’ve been studying Russia for 45 years…

Max Boot: And you’ve been consistently an apologist for Russia in those 45 years.

Stephen Cohen: I don’t d defamation of people. I do serious analysis of serious national security problems. When people like you call people like me, and people more eminent than me, apologists for Russia you are criminalizing diplomacy and detente and you are the threat to American national security. End of story. Why do you have to defame someone you don’t agree with? They used to do that in the old Soviet Union. We don’t do that here… This kind of hyperbole, this “attack on America” suggests we need to attack Russia!

Princeton Professor Stephen Cohen sets warmonger @MaxBoot straight on Russia: “You are criminalizing diplomacy”

War with Russia will not make America great. Liberals and NeverTrumpers need to grow up, this is a stretch even for them!

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