[OPINION] The Paris Climate Agreement Isn’t About Climate Change

President Trump took us out of the Paris accord, we all know about that. The European Union rejected his offer to renegotiate this immediately. In a sense, this shows that it potentially has more to do about bleeding the U.S. economy dry and appointing globalists as our governing bodies.

If they really cared about the climate, wouldn’t they work with us?¬†Among the many negatives one could cite about the agreement, this has more to do about sovereignty of nations than anything.

It’s doubtful that many critics of Trump’s decision to take us out of the “Accord” have researched exactly what he’s objected to in the agreement. Nothing specific, if you ask me, is being discussed much by mainstream media. They’re focusing on the narrative that spotlights how the U.S.A. was one of the few nations who refused to sign.

The reality is that President Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do but it seems very hard for certain individuals to fathom how little he cares about the “dog and pony shows” that abound local and global politics. The Paris Climate Agreement is a pledge with no real enforceable action for those who fail to follow through. If there were, in fact, enforceable consequences it would be giving up our Sovereignty, wouldn’t it?

Again, this isn’t really about Trump’s personal views or thoughts about Climate Change, it’s about him staying true to his word.

Because of his business experience, he sees this for what it is… a bad deal for the U.S. Many Fortune 100 companies have reaffirmed their commitment to the environment and creating a standard for ourselves which is a missed point among all of this. Trump’s decision to not sign means that the U.S. Government is going to leave a lot of the environmental decisions up to the Corporations instead of making the Government get involved. And those businesses will have to answer to THE PEOPLE.

In this day and age you’re seeing a lot of our own people denounce U.S. Sovereignty entirely and almost begging for a World Government. One could even argue that the Democratic party has more globalist views than national ones, and this is all coming from indoctrination.

Visit France, England, Spain, Turkey, Japan and any other number of countries and you find a unique and distinct culture. You also find a lot of national focus by the people to preserve their unique culture. But since Generation X and beyond, a lot of effort has been put into downplaying, even despising, Americana culture. While we’re all pretty similar we in the U.S. do have several distinct cultures. One would not really compare Southern Culture to New England culture, for example.

There is a distinct drift, globally, among the left toward dissolving borders, embracing cultures with an exception to Americana, and this all has to do about sacrificing sovereignty.

And that, my friends, is what this is all about. This IS one step closer toward destroying sovereignty. And Globalists, in my opinion, know that it has to find a way to tackle the United States in this regard to get the rest of the world to fall in line.

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