How Have this Many Nazis And Communists Infiltrated America?

There’s no denying that the white supremacy groups are nothing short of a modern-day-Neo-Nazi movement. The mainstream media has deemed them the alt-Right. However, they also include patriots in their alt-Right definition. This is completely inaccurate. 

There’s also no denying that the alt-Left is nothing short of a modern-day-Marxist-Communism movement.

How have these two been allowed to get as far as they have and reach the audience they have in a modern-day America? Didn’t we fight wars against this kind of crap?

The alt-Right (white supremacy groups) only real comparison to it’s World War II Nazism counterpart is the idea of its white supremacy. In a similar fashion to that of Adolf Hitler and his final solution some would say that their end-game is, in fact, something on par with just that… perhaps not with all the killing but rather that they themselves have some sort of right to their beliefs above all others. While I agree that the preservation of our history is important, many feel that they hide their radical and racial beliefs under that veil.

The alt-Left’s comparison, in my opinion, is pretty on par with Socialism and Communism on the whole… whether or not their followers believe that or not. Like the alt-Right, they want things their way and their way only, including peace, and will use force if necessary. They’ve somehow deluded themselves into believing that removing “institutional racism” can be forced on a population. They’ve somehow deluded themselves into believing that everyone can see themselves for what they want to be and that we must accept it or face their wrath.

They’ve somehow deluded themselves into believing that removing “institutional racism” can be forced on a population.

And I am actually downplaying the radical ideology of both sides here, folks. These two groups, which are actually formed of several groups, both play on modern ideas and attempt to distance themselves from the “ways of old” while their both fascist by nature. And fascism is not something I can abide.

Here we see both sides fighting one another over the removal of a confederate statue.

And both sides now can happily claim to have their “trigger warnings”.

These growing tensions will only get worse and this has absolutely nothing to do with President Donald Trump, despite what the Left and alt-Left want to tell you. This is deeply embedded in an indoctrinated, almost brain washing, lifestyle by their elders. Elders who should know better.

But they don’t because they’ve also been indoctrinated with this same belief system.


For the alt-Left a lot of this starts in school, specifically college, where professors feed their impressionable youth lies about “how the world should be”. That somehow a form of socialism can work and that we “just have to figure it out”. Socialism is faulty by nature and I mean isn’t that really it? At it’s core… Socialism cannot work. And while it may get it’s start here, it’s really only feeding a life time of what these kids are told are “injustices” from a very early age, much like the alt-Right. In a sense, the alt-Left views the world as a fantasy land where they believe anything is possible.

Where professors feed their impressionable youth lies about “how the world should be”.

The alt-Right usually start their indoctrination at a very early age. A lot of this radical racism is home-brewed and the young see a lot of “affirmative action”-esq situations take place right in their own backyard. They see their history being torn down and told they are racists by simply existing. They are told that they owe the world something for their “privilege” even when many, maybe most, barely attend college.

A lot of this radical racism is home-brewed.

Now it might sound like I side a bit more with the alt-Right. That’s not true. I do get sick of being told my “privilege” this or my “privilege” that. I don’t, however, let that radicalize me.

So then there’s President Donald Trump. Who time and again has denounced racism. And for this he takes heat from both sides. From the Left, he’s not speaking out against it enough, to the Right he shouldn’t speak out against it at all.

But here are some clips ranging from 1991 to 2017 where he has publicly denounced David Duke, racism, and the KKK.

The truth is that this has existed for as long as any of us can remember. It’s just now coming more and more to light as both sides begin to reveal themselves more and more. What I know is that those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. A funny point for me in all this is that the alt-Right no longer wear their masks while the alt-Left now do. But my point is that they are not new… they’ve been here. And in this modern day of “identity politics” they’ve been allowed to grow and gain strength.

What I know is that those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.

It should be painful obvious to all of us rational folks that these two groups do indeed represent Nazism and Communism and I might even say that they represent the worst side of these two ideologies.

We, as Americans, must denounce both sides of this radicalism and continue to strive for an open and honest debate with one another.

This image above… this is the POWER OF THE PEOPLE! YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT! USE IT!

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