Just What Happens When The Truth Becomes Obscene?

An amazing amount of misinformation is being spread, perhaps more so now than in the early months of the Trump presidency, in an attempt to undermine him and what he’s doing for this country.

Do not be detoured by naysayers and get your facts straight!

As reported by Tiffany Kendal Koogler for American Thinker:

schadenfreude that is fun when insomnia strikes is to watch clips of smug Hillary voters on Election Night around 9 P.M. Eastern Time. In an accurate use of the word, they are gobsmacked that Trump delivered a thrashing to big, bad Hillary.

How could they not know that Hillary Clinton would lose when she has the trustworthiness of saltwater crocodile circling a basket of pug puppies? Even undecided voters loathed her. But her supporter’s disbelief and outrage is genuine. Why is that?

The American Left’s entire political discourse is built on false language. Lies. Trickery. Fallacies. Where words do not mean what they actually mean. Where one cannot actually state the nature of an issue, in plain and common language, without being called a racist, white supremacist, fascist, homophobic, misogynist knuckle-dragger that deserves to have their head bashed with a threaded lead pipe.

Even though they are uncomfortable, facts are what we must have to survive as a country. Being a Special Forces soldier in sub-Saharan Africa is the definition of danger. One’s gender does not change on a random Tuesday when a man feels the inexplicable need to wear a Laura Ashley dress and smear blush over his beard stubble, or woman wants to shave her head, push a tube sock down her pants and call herself Tanner.

The people who need to be told Black Lives Matters are other blacks, the gang-bangers who fire off guns with the casualness we would buy a coffee and cheese Danish. Areas where large populations of blacks live are inherently unsafe, and even other blacks flee from these neighborhoods the day they have the necessary funds. (See the Obamas vacationing in Necker Island and Bali, and living in swanky, white parts of D.C and California, as opposed to the Baltimore Sandtown projects or Haiti).

That as gloomy as their plight may be, America does not have the resources to shelter immigrants, feed their children, and absorb their medical care as they send billions of untaxed dollars back to their relatives in Oaxaca. That a burkha is a symbol of dreadful oppression. That whites not willing to take responsibility for every act of savagery on the planet and known history are not white supremacists.

If you cannot identify a problem with honesty, how do you fix it? What relationship ever flourished because one party had a relentless commitment to an agenda of deceit?