Don’t Fall For Fake Hurricane Irma Maps; Here’s Why

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Many Meteorologists are warning folks on social media to not believe the fake weather maps which show that Hurricane Irma is heading straight for the Texas coast.

Mike Iscovitz, of Fox 26 in Houston, is warning people to Beware of Fake News and Trolls:

“Beware of #FakeNews! Some trolls are creating incorrect maps that show Hurricane Irma moving toward Houston,” local meteorologist Mike Iscovitz warned his followers on Facebook.

Spread the word, and always remember that there are some people who just get a kick out of creating this sort of hysteria… seriously. For the latest information on Hurricane Irma, stay tuned to Fox News Channel and also look for information from the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service.

I don’t really see the purpose in this. The image has been shared as of writing this over 40,000 times which is a lot and it happened fast but, too, we’ll now see the corrected information of Hurricane Irma’s and people calling out the b.s. above thanks to the same tools. I guess you could say I have a love / hate relationship with social media lol.

That said, Hurricanes are seriously business (duh, right?) folks… Stay safe out there, help your neighbor, and evacuate when you’re told to. Don’t risk riding out storms of this magnitude on your own. It sucks having to rebuild but it can be done… your life, however, is invaluable.

As reported by KHOU-TV:

A fake image of Hurricane Irma’s storm path is making its ways across social media.

It’s false. Hurricane Irma is not projected to touch Texas.

The image urges people to keep an eye on Irma, a Category 3 hurricane expected to gain intensity to a Category 4 storm. The fake photo shows the storm’s path projection heading toward the Gulf of Mexico and Texas coast.

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