High-end Designer Launches Maxine Waters-inspired Shirt – This Is Not A Joke!

Luxe Streetwear is promoting a new t-shirt with the likeness of Maxine Waters with the word fighter on it. This could present a real problem for President Trump. When no one buys the shirt, Maxine will accuse Trump of colluding with the Russians to curtail the sales of the shirt and then demand that Trump is impeached for it (Just kidding).

The collection isn’t officially launching until February 2019, but a billowing sleeveless shirt on his website, one similar to the recently debuted Waters tribute, costs a whopping $165. We can only imagine what the cost of this sucker will be.

I understand that everyone likes a fighter, but if you are going to look up to one, you might want to emulate a fighter who actually wins once in a while. Let’s face it, even the far-far leftwing of the party condemns her nonsense.

From The American Mirror

The “SS19” collection also includes a sweatshirt with “American” printed upside-down, and another with an inverted American flag, Elle reports.

Waters has repeatedly called to impeach President Trump over allegations of collusion with Russia during the 2016 election and a long list of other political grievances. More recently, she called on her followers to harass Trump’s cabinet members in public whenever possible, sparking numerous protests and dangerous confrontations in the weeks since.

Willy told WWD he wanted to salute Waters because she “inspires me not to take s**t from people.”

SS19’s “seasonal assortment centers around the theme of immigration and how it benefits American culture,” according to Highsnobiety. It includes “oversized outerwear, baggy denim and shorts, T-shirts with immigration-inspired graphics, soccer kits in collaboration with Danish brand Hummel.”

“The joint effort hones in on the positivity of the sport and all those who play as a game of both unity and aggression,” the style site reports.

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