Dem Rep Ted Lieu Gets Called Out by CNN Anchor

Brianna Keiler of CNN decided to question Ted Lieu’s maturity this week when he decided to go to work wearing a “Trump Putin 16” shirt during a Facebook Live video.

During the interview he called Trump’s tweets “highly disturbing” and “inappropriate” this, however, did not stop Keiler from pointing out the hypocrisy of Lieu’s own immaturity due to the t-shirt he was wearing during the FB Live stint.

“I checked out your Facebook Live from last week where you talked about the health care bill, and the thing that struck me was really what you were wearing,” Keilar said. “You’re wearing a ‘Trump Putin 2016’ shirt. And you’ve tweeted about the president, you’ve called him ‘dumb as a rock.’”

“As you lob these criticisms at Donald Trump, is this the type of behavior that helps add to the maturity of discourse?” she asked.

“He has this very strange and bizarre relationship with Russia,” Lieu argued.

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