Parkland Hero Files First Lawsuit: Names Everybody

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor and hero Anthony Borges is suing multiple people and groups after he was shot 5 times while using his body to protect 20 of his classmates.

His lawyer, attorney Alex Arreaza said that this suit will bring out the truth and hopefully prevent this from happening again. He is suing the killer, his deceased mother’s estate, and James and Kimberly Snead, the host family who took the killer into their home after his mother’s death. He is also suing mental health facilities Henderson Behavioral Health, Jerome Golden Center for Behavioral Health, and South County Mental Health Center.

They all treated Nikolas Cruz and then released him from care.

From The Blaze

Broward County records showed the killer’s mother had contacted authorities on multiple times about her son’s behavioral problems.

“When she didn’t address this problem with her kid, eventually 17 people paid with their lives,” Arreaza told WFOR-TV.

The attorney said the Sneads should have recognized there was a problem when the killer brought an AR-15 into their home.

“He’s not bringing a stray dog into the house that he wants to keep,” Arreaza said. “He’s bringing an AR-15. This is a serious rifle. You have the responsibility to ask questions.”

Nikolas Cruz shot up the school in Parkland, Florida, killing 14 students and 3 staffers. There could be other lawsuits filed by Borges who has complained about the cowardly acts of the Broward County Sheriff’s office, the school resource officer, the principal that didn’t have Cruz arrested for various crimes in compliance with an Obama program.

The FBI and the Broward County Sheriff’s office were contacted many times about Cruz but both failed to take any action and they basically made the shooting not only possible but also probable.

I hope he collects a bundle.

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