Man Gets Out of His Car in Road Rage Incident…Immediately Regrets It [VIDEO]

A young man was cut off as he was driving down the road. He was angry and decided to confront the driver of the SUV that cut him off. He watched as the window rolled down and a man pointed his gun at him and he quickly retreated to his car and drove off.

The SUV was filled with heavily armed Russian soldiers. There is such a thing as too much bravery and the young man immediately realized he had made a mistake and unless I miss my guess, the next time he gets cut off, he will ignore it completely.

From The Daily Caller

A young man has gone viral on Twitter, and it’s not for good reasons.

Mindy Robson posted a video on Twitter of a guy in a BMW confronting an SUV during some kind of a road rage incident. Because this is 2019, the man obviously felt the need to film himself.

He got a reality check when angrily approaching an SUV. The window was rolled down to reveal several heavily armed Russian soldiers, and one of them had a weapon pointed right at him.

My friends, it doesn’t get much more blunt than that. Whoever that guy is, he was certainly feeling himself when he hopped out of his BMW.

He thought he was about to put somebody in their place. He was convinced he was about to dunk on somebody and ruin their day.

Clearly, the exact opposite happened.