You Won’t Believe What The California Drought Unveiled

Due to the fact that California has been slammed with an extreme drought recently, the current water levels in Folsom Lake near Sacramento have dropped dangerously low. This has caused the discovery of a fully0intact plane at the bottom of the lake, which may have gone mysteriously missing back in 1965 after a New Year’s Day crash.

One of the workers testing underwater sonar technology in Folsom Lake, Tyler Atkinson, issued a statement to KOVR-TV stating, “I saw something that was not normal.”

The president of Seafloor Systems, John Timplin, which specializes in underwater surveying, stated that “He sees something on the bottom that looks man-made, and that’s when we say, ‘There’s definitely something down there,’ and maybe it’s the plane.”

“The sonar gave us about 100 feet of range. You could see the plane as clear as day. We could see the fuselage here. We could see the right wing. We could see the tail,” stated Timplin, making reference to the imaging. “Here, you can see the cowl housing of the engine and the props.”

Another employee who was working with Atkinson, Jeff Riley, added to the story, “These lights on the ROV (remote-operated underwater vessel) allow me to say, ‘Okay, there is no way that’s a rock.’”

The image they were looking at looked like the tail and propeller akin to those used on the Piper Comanche 250 that mysteriously crashed back in 1965.

Atkinson also stated to KRON-4, “I think it’s amazing that after all this time there’s been a lot of research and a lot of effort put into finding this for the family and also to retrieve what no one knew was down there.”

“The New Year’s Day crash following a mid-air collision with another plane 56 years ago killed all four people on board,” reported CBS News. “The body of the pilot was recovered, but the bodies of the three passengers were never found, despite searches as recently as 2014.”

Katherine Radican, the widow of the late Frank Wilcox, stated that her husband spent the majority of his life continuously searching for the wreckage of the plane that claimed the life of his 15-year-old brother (Wilcox at the time of the crash was just three years old). She also went on to state that “he didn’t really know his brother, but him and his mom would go out to the lake periodically when the water was low and look around to see if they could see anything.”

Radiucan stated that Wilcox spent his life trying to fulfill the promise he made to his mother that he would keep looking for his brother’s remains so he could give him a proper burial.

“The plane carrying Wilcox’s brother on his first flight collided in midair with a small Beechcraft Debonair sightseeing plane at an altitude of about 2,500 feet, the Roseville Press Tribune reported at the time. Despite being damaged, the Beechcraft managed to make a successful emergency landing at a local airport, but the Piper Comanche plummeted into the lake and disappeared, the newspaper reported,” stated ABC News which went on to add, “Folsom Lake, which has the capacity to hold 975,000 acre-feet of water, is down to about 361,000 acre-feet of water, or about 37% of capacity, according to California Department of Water Resources data released in May.”

The Sheriff’s office of Placer Counter has stated that there has been no investigation launched into the remains of the crash site.

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