You Won’t Believe the State Of L.A. Right Now…

While talking about a recent story that detailed the downfall of Venice Beach, California, as it is plagued by rampant homelessness, James Woods, a famous actor, stated “All of Los Angeles County is like this now. There are some pockets of respite, but L.A. is gone.”

Back on the seventh of June, Alex Villanueva, Sheriff for Los Angeles County, stated, “Today I visited the Venice Boardwalk again to view the failures of local politicians in regard to the homeless crisis. Tomorrow the @LASDHQ Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST) will be assessing Venice in order to triage the crisis and develop an action plan to compassionately offer services while employing common sense in the regulation of public space within Los Angeles County.”

“The sheriff said the goal was to clear the area of homeless encampments by July 4,” reported KTLA.

Mike Bonin, a City Councilman who is the representative of the area that includes Venice Beach, issued a scathing retort to Villanueva, stating, “He didn’t call to offer services or housing, which would help. He went on a PR blitz, promising his own notorious brand of justice. To anyone familiar with Villanueva and LASD, that’s incredibly ominous.”

The very next day, Alex Villanueva sent out his deputies to Venice’s Ocean Front Walk. He went on to state to KTLA, “Our homeless outreach service team has been working for eight years breaking up homeless encampments throughout L.A. County in areas you typically don’t see. They were out there on the boardwalk actually talking to the homeless and trying to assess the situation of each individual … They’re doing the job that the City of L.A., Mike Bonnin refused to do in his own district.”

Villanueva continued, “The only people who are upset are the political establishment who are responsible for doing nothing. If you survey the residents of Venice right now, they are jumping for joy that something is finally happening.”

When we look back to May 24th, KTLA made note that, “At last count, there were nearly 2,000 homeless people in Venice, according to a Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority count done in January 2020 that found more than 41,000 unhoused people citywide.”

“About 24 fires a day in the city of Los Angeles start in homeless encampments, and they account for more than half of the fires LAFD responds to,” reported another news outlet, Spectrum News.

“The city as a whole is grappling with a homeless crisis that has only worsened in recent years. Over five years, the homeless population has increased by half, according to a January report released by the Luskin Center for History and Policy at the University of California in Los Angeles,” Fox News brought us back in May.

Back in April, The Los Angeles Times stated that another councilman, Kevin De León, whose district included skid row stated that he wanted the homeless of the area to move out into other areas, especially the suburbs, stating, “Skid row is no place for women and for children. I made it very clear that I don’t want women and children in skid row. I want them in Silverlake. I want them in Echo Park. I want them in Hancock Park. I want them in Sherman Oaks.”

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