Yet Another Governor Chooses To Ban Critical Race Theory

Kristi Noem, the Republican Governor of South Dakota, stated that she plans to put her pen to an executive order seeking to ban the teaching of any and all Critical Race Theory (CRT) in all schools K-12 within the state.

Noem spoke about the topic as part of a town hall discussion with residents of Mobridge. Noem shared a video clip from the event via her social media on Tuesday morning that features her upcoming signing.

“Critical Race Theory has no place in our South Dakota public education,” stated Noem.

“I brought two bills this legislative session that banned Critical Race Theory from being taught in our classrooms, in our K-12 schools and another one that banned it in our universities,” claimed the governor in the video.

“The legislature supported and passed it and I signed into law the university one. So now, in South Dakota going forward, Critical Race Theory cannot be taught in our universities. They killed the K-12 one. So tomorrow, I will be signing an executive order to make sure that Critical Race Theory is not taught in our public school systems, too,” she stated.

Back in December, Noem put out the original text of a legislation draft to try and block CRT as the basis of for education for the students of South Dakota.

“Americans believe ‘all men are created equal,’ and we also believe the American dream is available to all regardless of race, color, or national origin,” released Noem in a statement at that time.

“Our schools should teach our children our nation’s true and honest history. They should teach about our successes in establishing a country that is a beacon of freedom to the world and our mistakes along the way. Our children should not, however, be taught the false and divisive message that they are responsible for the shortcomings of past generations and other members of our respective races,” she claimed.

In May of 2021, Noem also attempted a push for the Board of Regents of the state to outright block CRT and quite a bit more of the education curricula from the administration of Old Uncle Joe from the state’s universities. As reported by The Daily Wire:

Noem wrote a letter to the South Dakota Board of Regents Monday asking the board to ban universities from advancing or promoting critical race theory or The New York Times’ 1619 Project. The Republican governor’s request comes as the Biden administration is considering offering schools extra funding to adopt “antiracist” curricula.

“I’m asking the South Dakota Board of Regents to set policies that preserve honest, patriotic education in SD’s institutions of higher education,” Noem tweeted Tuesday explaining her letter. “Our kids and grandkids should understand the full picture of America’s history – our fundamental values; our greatest achievements; the struggles to overcome injustice. Our next generation must learn about our triumphs and mistakes, with those mistakes being examined in context.”

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