Women’s Prison Forced To Move Trans Inmate After Two Prisoners Become Pregnant

In a New Jersey women’s prison, one trans inmate was serving a sentence for manslaughter but has since been moved out of the facility in the wake of getting two fellow convicts pregnant, as reported by the state Department of Corrections.

27-year-old Demo Minor was officially taken out of the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in June, which is just two months past NJ Advance Media issued a report that Minor impregnated a pair of women via “consensual sexual relationships.” Currently serving a stint of 30 years with no eligibility for parole until at least 2037, issued a complaint about being moved over to the Garden State Youth Correctional facility through a third-party website that is maintained via supporters.

“This is the hell that NJDOC wants to put me through, this is my punishment for what occurs over 2 months ago, they have violated my right to be safe and free from sexual harassment, by putting me in one of the most violent youth Correctional facilities,” stated Minor in their post.

Minor issued complaints of being abused by corrections officers throughout the moving process and by inmates inside of the new facility. As stated on Minor’s website, Minor killed a former foster father in 2011 who Minor “wrongly blamed at the time” for sexual abuse.

“NJDOC cannot comment on any active investigations,” released the state Department of Corrections via a release. “The Department has zero tolerance for abuse, and the safety and security of the incarcerated population and staff are of critical importance.”

Minor is currently being placed within a specialized unit in a prison slated for younger offenders, expressed the Department of Corrections spokesman Dan Sperrazza to the outlet. Currently, it is still not known if either of the pregnant prisoners are still pregnant.

These pregnancies caught much attention and put a spotlight on the transgender prisoner policy out of New Jersey, which was first set up in the wake of a settlement agreement with the state American Civil Liberties Union chapter just a short year ago. The policy makes it so that any transgender prisoners will be held in prisons that go along with gender identity while disregarding their biological gender. The previous settlement agreement forced the policy to stay in effect for the duration of one year, a ruling which officially ended last month, as reported by NJ.com/

Sperrazza stated that the DOC will continue to follow the agreement and “is currently reviewing the policy for housing transgender incarcerated persons with the intention of implementing minor modifications.

Currently, the vast majority of states have policies that house all transgender prisoners within facilities that match their biological gender.



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