Woman Taken Into Custody Over Improperly Wearing A Mask

This past Wednesday, a woman from New York was detained and then taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies while attending a school board meeting after she refused to fully cover her nose when she was wearing her mask.

A mother and local radio host in Rochester, New York, Shannon Joy live-streamed the event as police officers removed her from the Fairport Central School District school board meeting. “Yup. I was handcuffed & detained by Monroe County Sheriff tonight for inappropriately wearing my mask at the Fairport School District board meeting,” she posted to her social media platforms.

Officially, Joy has been charged with criminal trespassing.

The live-streamed video depicts a school board member during the meeting seemingly asking for a recess due to the fact that some people are “refusing to wear masks.” A group of other mothers in the room protested, telling the board member who they seemed to call “Mary” that they had places that they needed to be and wanted to just get on with the meeting.

There is a member of the Fairport school board that is named Mary Caitlin Wight, but the live-streamed video does not confirm that she was the board member who attempted to call for the recess.

When the recess is called for, the video shows that Joy has her mask covering her mouth, but sitting just below her nose.

After the motion for a recess has been seconded, joy threw a statement at the school board, saying, “This is not leadership. You asked us to be respectful of you, and you can’t respect the taxpayers and citizens. This is silly.”

At this point, Joy was supposedly asked to leave, due to the fact that the mask she was using was not covering her nose at all. She then pulled her mask down even more and started live-streaming to Facebook Live using her phone in an attempt to let other people know about what was going on at the meeting.

Just a scant few minutes later, a group of Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies walked into the room. They proceeded to take the woman outside, handcuffed and detained her. The minute before she was put in cuffs was captured on live stream by Joy.

“The irony,” She posted on social media platforms, captioning a photo of her arrest. “I was arrested for wearing my mask improperly. By a barefaced police officer and another with the mask under her chin. How is this America?”

She went on to add, “Ok let me amend this. I was told to leave a public meeting because my mask was on the tip of my nose and not the BRIDGE of my nose. When I declined to leave for such a stupid reason they declared I was TRESPASSING and had me arrested in [sic] charged with criminal trespass.”

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