WINNING! Trump signs ‘right-to-try’ allowing gravely ill patients to bypass FDA for experimental medicines

I don’t know about you but I really think we needed this. This will have so many positive implications that there may be too many to list. RIGHT-TO-TRY not only may help those who are all but gone fight their ailments but so many medical breakthroughs can come about with real people going on all.

The fact of the matter is, and believe me I don’t mean this as callously as it may sound, people who are (again) all but dead have a fighting chance and help further our understanding. I’m glad the President is doing this.

According to CNBC:

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence had been major supporters of passing the measure, which proponents say gives patients hope they would not otherwise have. Last week the House of Representatives approved the bill, the same version the Senate passed in August.

It allows certain patients to ask drugmakers for medicines that have passed Phase 1 of the FDA approval process but haven’t been approved yet and are still undergoing testing. Patients must have exhausted other options and be unable to participate in a clinical trial. Drugmakers aren’t obligated to give patients the requested experimental medicines.

There are of course critics of this happening, and in a sense, I can’t really blame them.

Critics say the legislation undermines the FDA’s authority to regulate drugs and could leave patients vulnerable to medicines that might not work or may even be harmful. The agency already runs an “expanded access” program where seriously ill patients can apply to gain access to experimental treatments.

Based on the above, that’s sort of the point. I would want every avenue available for my loved ones fighting for their life. Wouldn’t you?

“Right to try. That’s such a great name,” Trump said. “Some bills, they don’t have a good name. Really. But this is such a great name, from the first day I heard it. Right to try. And a lot of the trying is going to be successful. I really believe that. I really believe it.”

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