Why Did Mueller Notify Rosenstein Two Days Before Whitaker on Cohen Plea Deal?

The Deep State keeps getting deeper. Once Mueller reached a plea deal with Michael Cohen, he did not inform his immediate boss. Instead, he notified that denizen of the Deep State, Rod Rosenstein.

He did not notify acting AG Matt Whitaker until two days later. Remember, Rosenstein is no longer involved in the investigation, but Whitaker is in total charge. Cohen has already been caught in so many lies that his credibility is now at subterranean levels.

For some strange reason, even though Whitaker is now in charge of the investigation, dirty cop, Rod Rosenstein is said to be handling the day to day operation.

Fox News reported:

A source familiar with the timeline told Fox News that Whitaker was only informed of the impending plea deal between Mueller and Cohen on Wednesday afternoon.

A source close to President Trump confirmed they were informed Wednesday evening.

Rosenstein’s office, though, received what’s known as an “Urgent Report” on the Cohen matter by Monday at the latest, Fox News is told.

According to Justice Department regulations, Mueller’s office would be required to submit such a report to both the attorney general and deputy attorney general if it’s taking any action that would garner significant media attention or attention on Capitol Hill.

The DOJ regulations specify that those reports need to be filed “at least three days in advance of anticipated developments or events to provide department leadership with appropriate notice,” or 24 hours in advance when dealing with “unanticipated events and emergencies.”

The plea deal with Cohen was considered to fall into that three-day category, and the special counsel’s office says the regulation was followed.