Whoopi Goldberg Tries To Speak Up Again…. This Time About Firearms

Whoopi Goldberg chose to go on a long rant against AR-15 owners for the second day in a row now, stating during a broadcast of “The View” on Wednesday that it was now time to officially take steps to outlaw the AR-15 and call out and report everyone who previously owned one.

Goldberg started her inane rant by claiming, as she has done so many times before, that the AR-15 just has to go. When Tara Setmayer, the guest host, argued that any potential shooters would just swap over to handguns, exactly like the ones that were used in the shooting that happened at Virginia Tech, Goldberg tried to claim that it would still be quite the improvement because handguns don’t “turn people to dust.”

“But the first thing you got to do is keep the guns out of –” Goldberg stated as she ramped back into another tirade.

“Listen, I understand that but it’s not as easy when you have a country that has more guns than people,” stated Setmayer matter-of-factly.

“It actually is easy, ” insisted Goldberg, highlighting that everyone on the show has had their life directly altered by an instance of gun violence. She then quickly swapped topics to state that any person who did not “see the need” to ban and destroy all of the AR-15 rifles would “never see the need” to create a system to help deal with mental health issues for the public.

“And you can say, well, I wish they had more mental health check-ins, but people who don’t see the need to remove one gun, one gun, the people who don’t see a need to remove that will never see the need to make sure that people get the help.”

“Even if you remove the AR-15, they can use handguns,” Setmeyer fired back. “Virginia Tech, the guy used handguns.”

“Let me tell you, a handgun does not turn people to dust,” exclaimed Goldberg, which prompted applause from the audience as a whole.

The conversation shifted then to bicker about whether or not a ban on “assault weapons” would affect the number of mass shooting in the country at all, and multiple hosts on the show made the arguement that such a ban would work in trying to reduce the numbers of shootings.

“It’s the guns, it’s the guns, it’s the guns,” exclaimed Joy Behar.

“You still had people shooting in the inner cities. It’s different than this,” Setmayer added. “It’s a complicated issue.”

“It’s one gun. We’re saying take one gun out of the plethora of guns that are out there,” Goldberg went on.

“So then what happens to the black market then?” posited Setmayer. “So we say we ban the AR-15. There are more AR-15s are the most popular weapon in this country – I’m just saying.”

“I’ll tell you what happens. The same thing that happens that is being threatened to women who decide maybe I need to go talk to somebody about an abortion, where they say, ‘Report them and we’ll put them in jail.’ That’s what,” stated Goldberg seemingly happy with herself.

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