White House Staff Has To Clean Up After Biden Speech….Yet Again

Reportedly, the White House staff has been running ragged attempting to backtrack and clean up behind Old Uncle Joe, making changes to the official transcript from the commissioning ceremony of the USS Delaware after yet another bought of confusion led to him promoting First Lady Jill Biden from Dr. Ed. to a former Vice President.

“My name is Joe Biden. I am Jill’s husband,” Biden claimed, seemingly jokingly, in order to open his speech this past Saturday. “It’s always a good day when I get to celebrate Delaware or spend time with service members and their families or introduce Jill. That’s a trifecta in my family.”

Biden went on to thank everyone in attendance and everyone who brought the USS Delaware from the blueprint to a working vessel, at which point he turned to regard his wife.

“The daughter of a Navy signalman during World War Two, the mother of a member of the Delaware National Guard, the grandmother of children who experienced having their father deployed away from home for a year at a time. She always holds our military and their families in her heart. And that is not hyperbole; that’s real,” Biden went on. “And I’m deeply proud of the work she is doing as First Lady with Joining Forces initiative she started with Michelle Obama when she was vice president and now carries on.”

Despite the fact that Old Uncle Joe made no effort to correct himself at that time, the official White House transcript of the event was edited to try and correct the confused statements from the president:

And I’m deeply proud of the work she is doing as First Lady with Joining Forces initiative she started with Michelle Obama when she [I] was Vice President and now carries on.  

This past Saturday was very much not the first time Old Uncle Joe has made such mistakes. Previously, He has referred to his running mate, Vice President Kamala Harris, as “President harris” on multiple occasions. Recently, as well, instead of just stating that Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff had contracted COVID-19, he went on record stating that the first lady’s husband had tested positive, only to be quickly reminded of his error and that he was, in fact, the first lady’s husband.

As stated by The Daily Wire:

“Look at the stage,” Biden said, gesturing off to one side. “There’s been a little change in the arrangement of who’s on the stage, because of — the first lady’s husband contracted COVID, but … look at this room and what you’ll see …”

Someone off to the side caught Biden’s attention then, and he stepped back slightly from the microphone to hear them.

“Pardon me?” he said, and laughter erupted in the room, only getting louder as Biden clearly realized what he had said and added, “That’s right. She’s fine. It’s me … The second lady — the first gentleman — how about that?”



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