White House In Hot Water With Conservatives Over Student Loan Payment Extension

This past Friday, various conservatives jumped up to attack the White House over the possibility that Old Uncle Joe’s administration will try to push back the deadline for restarting student loan payments once again.

“Joe Biden wants to extend the student loan moratorium so no one—regardless of income or wealth—has to pay back a dollar in debt. Instead, the taxpayers pick up the tab,” claimed Senator Tom Cotton in a post on social media. “This is a wealth transfer from the poor to the rich.”

These new criticisms come in the wake of a report that the administration of Old Uncle Joe is thinking about submitting another extension to the freeze in place on all federal student loan payments before the current freeze is slated to fall off in this coming May, as stated by Politico.

“The president is going to look at what we should do on student debt before the pause expires, or he’ll extend the pause,” stated White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain while taking part in an interview on “Pod Save America” that aired on Thursday.

“Joe Biden right now is the only president in history where no one’s paid on their student loans for the entirety of his presidency,” added the White House chief of staff.

“Right now, people aren’t having to pay on their loans, and so I think dealing with the executive branch question — what we should do about that, what his powers are, how much we should do on that — that’s something we’re going to deal with later on.”

Ever since the inception of the CARES Act back in March of 2020 by Congress, the monthly payments and interest have been paused on the vast majority of federal student loans, reported Politico, and both the Trump and Biden administrations took steps to extend the relief effort via the use of executive orders.

“Biden plans to extend the freeze on student loan payments until after the Midterm elections (freeze will currently end in May),” stated Heritage Action in a social media post. “The Dems chances are so bad, the only way to win is to continue the natl. emergency through Nov. in order to win over voters.”

“Biden using Ukraine as cover to push bad policy is outrageous,” stated Matt Whitlock, a Republican communicator. “Forcing working families to foot the bill for the student loans of overwhelmingly upper-class students to get grad degrees is insane. There is no more COVID emergency to justify this.”

Most people are ready to return to normalcy, but the pandemic has given Washington bureaucrats a chance to extend their reach,” stated the former secretary of state and treasurer of Ohio and also served as the mayor of the city of Cincinnati, Ken Blackwell. “They won’t relinquish that power without a fight.”

“President Joe Biden’s decisions to extend emergency powers longer than needed — for example, with the eviction moratorium — serve as a perfect illustration of the federal government refusing to let individuals return to normal,” he went on. “Ultimately, the courts decided this moratorium was a gross overstep by the executive branch, but a similar scenario will be playing out as the deadline to extend the student loan moratorium approaches.”

“Crafting public policy based on political talking points never works,” exclaimed Blackwell. “Instead of hypocritically pandering to his base, the president should end the student loan moratorium and actually live up to his campaign promise of being ‘a president for all Americans.’ Right now, this promise continues to ring hollow.”

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