White House Denounces Report That Biden Is Furious With Aides Over Undermining His Reliability

Reportedly, a very angry and equally frustrated President Joe Biden seems to think that his aides are attempting to undermine him by trying to spin and explain away his statements, reported a series of sources to NBC News.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates has shoved back against these allegations from the NBC report as part of a statement that went out on Tuesday morning, highlighting that NBC covered up the denial from the White House that Biden has claimed to be feeling extremely frustrated as of late.

“As we’ve said before, no clarifications of the President’s remarks are ever issued without his direct approval,” claimed Bates in the statement.

In the wake of Old Uncle Joe making the claim back on the 26th of March in Poland that Russian President Vladimir Putin just “cannot remain in power,” only to have his aides rush forward to spin and walk back his statement, seemingly insisting that Biden didn’t actually mean that Putin should be removed from power.

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” claimed Biden at that time, Sparking a massive surge of political backlash. At the time, The Washington Post reported that the president himself assisted the aides in order to quickly put together another statement seemingly clarifying the already quite clear statement coming Biden’s words, an idea that was heavily emphasized in a tweet sent out midday on Tuesday.

However, the report from NBC suggests that Biden was entirely furious at seemingly being made to look week, urging the members of his staff to try and remember that HE is the president and that they are just taking strides to make him look very unreliable.

“Biden is frustrated. If it’s not one thing, it’s another,” stated a person known to be close to the president to reporters with NBC, making the odd assertation that the president seems to feel like everything is going bad all at once.

Biden has called out his advisers for the  “so-called clean-up campaign” being carried out by his direct aides to try and smooth out any of his possibly contentious statements and gaffes that may undermine both the “authenticity that fueled his rise” and him, reads a report from NBC.

Reportedly, Biden also has reportedly expressed his worries that this just goes to fuel GOP claims that Biden is just not the one in charge of the White House.

At first, The White House outright denied such reports in a statement to NBC: “We don’t say anything that the president doesn’t want us to say.”

The source also issued a report that stated that the president has voiced additional complaints to his aides that he is just not getting enough recognition and credit from the American public and the media concerning his moves to try and help the economy.


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