White House Chief of Staff Claims That A Single Good Metric Means Biden Is Doing Great

Ron Klain, the White House Chief of Staff, has recently taken to trying to dismiss and downplay the plummeting approval ratings of President Joe Biden in the wake of a single poll that showed that Biden had an ever so small improvement in their approval rating.

“I hate to spoil the narrative but this poll shows @potus approval rating moving up, and solid public confidence on the two biggest problems he inherited: COVID and jobs,” stated Klain in a tweet using his official Twitter account this past Sunday evening. Klain was making references to a recent CBS News poll which highlighted that Biden’s approval rating had risen just a smidge and that a very small majority of voters were cautiously optimistic about how Old Uncle Joe was handling the COVID-19 pandemic and the overall job prospects across their community.

There are many issues that come along with Klain’s analysis of the poll he is lauding. First of which is that while the approval rating for Biden may have moved up two points going from April to May, the poll has a stated margin of error of roughly 2.5% which basically states that the increase is entirely negligible.

Secondly, the people who were optimistic about jobs and COVID were insanely slight.  All the while, the very of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed by for a for months at this point, as stated in various other recent polls, the pandemic as an issue is worth quite little in the minds of voters at this point.

After looking much deeper, this poll from CBS sports other numbers that seem to highlight much more trouble for the administration of Old Uncle joe. Large majorities of Americans describe the state of the country as “uneasy” (63%), “worrying” (63%), or “frustrating” (61%); roughly 69% of Americans have stated that the economy was bad, which is the highest on record; group sporting over three-fourths, 74%, have stated that things across the country are going quite poorly; 77% of Americans said they were quite worried about the inflating costs of goods and services; 68% showed concern about the national economy, and 67% about the stock market; 57% were overly concerned about their possibilities for retirement.

Many respondents showed disapproval for how Biden was dealing with major issues: his approval rating on the economy sat at 36%, with a shocking 64% disapproval. When speaking on inflation the approval sat at just 30% with a 70% disapproval, and in regards to Russia-Ukraine, 47% approval and 53% disaproval; on immigration and on crime rates, 40%-60%.

Additionally, the vast majority of Americans stated that Biden was “too slow to react” when a new issue comes forward, and another majority claims that Biden does not make a strong enough effort to deal with the country’s problems.

In conclusion, as reported by FiveThirtyEight, Biden’s approval ratings sit at their lowest point in his residency at 40.7%.

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