“Wax My Balls” Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv Applies For Permit to Host Semi-Nude Pool Party with Children – Parents Excluded

A trans woman, who has been accused of improper behavior with a fourteen-year-old girl wants to throw a pool party with topless girls as young as 12.

To top it off, she wants parents and guardians excluded from the event. What could possibly go wrong with that? Jessica Yaniv, who has filed charges against multiple salons because they refused to wax her balls. How can you force women to handle male genitalia? Will you later be able to force those women into prostitution as well?

And would you allow your 12-year-old daughter to attend this topless party being run by an accused pedophile?

From The Gateway Pundit

Jessica (Jonathan) Yaniv is a biological male who identifies as a female and is best known for his harassment campaign against female estheticians dubbed “wax my balls.”

The trans activist is highly litigious and is suing several business owners in a British Columbia after the salons refused to give him a Brazilian wax.

Because of Yaniv’s lawsuit spree demanding females touch his genitals, many critics called him a sexual predator — and the critics may be right.

Yaniv this week applied for a permit to hold “topless” pool parties for children aged 12+ and he wants to bar parents and guardians from attending so they can be in a “safe and inclusive” environment.

“Registration is open to youth ages 12-24” the flyer said. “For participant privacy and safety, parents and/or caregivers are not permitted in the event.”

Yaniv previously complained when his “youth all-bodies” swim event was shut down by brave people who protested his event.

Earlier this week a 14-year-old alleged victim came forward and filed a child exploitation report against Yaniv.

20-year-old Jessica Rumpel of Washington state has come forward with damning text messages and voice messages from Yaniv showing he was sexually exploiting her when she was just 14-years old.

Yaniv was 27 years old when he sent the messages to a 14-year-old Rumpel.

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