Watch: Uncle Joe Goes So Far Off Script He Reveals The Script

President Joe Biden speaks during a news conference after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Wednesday, June 16, 2021, in Geneva, Switzerland. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

This past Wednesday, President Joe Biden received major criticism after he admitted at the beginning of a press conference in Geneva. Switzerland, that he only uses a list of better and preselected reporters that is given to him before every conference.

This slip-up by Uncle Joe is just confirmation of what has been suspected for quite some time as he is quite often spotted looking at his notes just before he calls on a reporter, who is nine times out of ten always from his supporting left-wing legacy news outlets.

Uncle Joe stated, “I’ll take your questions and as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m going to call on.”

This accidental outing of himself has sparked a raging river of responses online, including some from commentators who compared how Biden handled the press to how Russian President Vladimir Putin handled the press.

“How is this acceptable?” tweeted out Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) in response.

“You cannot be serious…” tweeted out John Burke, another political consultant. The press secretary for Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA). Hunter Lovell commented as well in agreement, “Oof, I see he decided to say the quiet part out loud.”

“Someone needs to ask Jen Psaki why they make Biden do this,” Kyle Martinsen, the RNC communications specialist, stated. “Do they think he’s incapable of calling on reporters without a list?”

John Cooper, the Communications Director at the Heritage Foundation, also chimed in saying: “It’s frankly embarrassing watching *Vladimir Putin* take questions from the press for 45 minutes, and then Biden comes out with a preset list of reporters he’s allowed to call on.”

“Putin, the leader of a country with some of the greatest restrictions on press, took questions from all reporters,” exclaimed Lesley Fulop Byers, the Communications Director of the House Homeland Security Committee Republican. “The leader of the free world only calls on a handful of reporters from a list his staff pre-approved. Yikes.”

Near the end of the event, Uncle Joe went on a tirade at a reported for asking a question about his meeting with Putin.

“Why are you so confident he’ll change his behavior, Mr. President?” questioned reporter Kaitlan Collins.

“I’m not confident he’ll change his behavior,” Biden snapped. “Where the hell — what do you do all the time? When did I say I was confident?”

“I said …what I said was, let’s get it straight, I said what will change their behavior is if the rest of the world reacts to them and it diminishes their standing in the world,” his tirade continued. “I am not confident of anything. I am just stating the facts.”

“But given his past behavior has not changed and in that press conference after sitting down with you for several hours, he denied any involvement in cyberattacks. He downplayed human rights abuses. He even refused to say Alexey Navalny’s name,” Collins attempted to clarify. “So how does that account to a constructive meeting, as President Putin put it?”

“If you don’t understand that, you are in the wrong business,” Biden snapped back almost childishly.

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